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Collection: Taijitu Series

Taijitu series is our flagship cables designed with our best understanding of the sonic properties of conductor materials and conductor design. Throughout our experience, the Taijitu series not only surpasses our expectations sonically but achieves a visually balanced look that rightfully reflects its tonality.

We have designed Taijitu to be perfectly balanced across the entire frequency range and it does not stop there. Taijitu is designed to deliver maximum fidelity and precision dynamics without disrupting its delicate tonality that contributes to an expansive soundstage. Not only does Taijitu contribute to a wider soundstage, it has incredible height and depth as well. We have chosen to use a low stranding ultra low capacitance wire to preserve the detail and natural tonality that we enjoy hearing from solid core cables based on our own listening experience. By using a low strand geometry instead of solid core, we were able to maintain the organic midrange and vocals that we hear from single core cables without compromising on the flexibility of the cable. Each channel is completely separated from each other with it's own individual cable, this minimises crosstalk between both channels and allows us to select a geometry with longer twist pitch within the cable to reduce the unwanted capacitance buildup for each channel. We have also implemented a specific blend of our silver solder tailored to this series adding to the already impressive soundstage and instrument separation.

The result of all this? A cable with improved dynamics, imaging, detail, space between instruments, linear treble & bass extension and holographic soundstage that's complimented by its aesthetics and perfectly balanced tonality suitable for all genres of music and even movies especially on planar magnetic headphones.

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