About Us

Our Take On Audio

We design and manufacture bespoke interconnect and headphone cables for only the finest audiophiles. We believe a properly made cable can greatly improve the audiophile experience both in the psychological & physical.

Our cables are more than just an accessory, it is equipment designed to transform music and elevate your senses both in feel and perception. We aspire to transform audio experiences beyond what is possible by designing unparalleled products and services for the exceptional audiophile.


An Intuitive Approach

We believe the holistic presentation in the sound and appearance of a cable is of utmost importance to our patrons. Every product is intuitively imbued with the highest level of craftsmanship and care.

We design our products to suit various taste with each collection tailoring the overall listening experience for every individual. To ensure every product offers a distinct feel and touch, the characteristics of each collection is diversified offering wide design and sound options unique to any mood and setting. Each and every one of our collections are designed with careful thought and consideration.

We instill personal inspirations and experiences into our design process as to produce products to naturally resonate with one's instinct and intuition.


Dedication to Consistency

Reliability and consistency is key to an exceptional product, hence we work closely with industry established partners who are dedicated to manufacturing reliable and consistent quality components. From audiophile cable manufacturers to high end jewelers, acquiring the finest materials from our partners allows us to fabricate top of the line products in-house with reliable consistency.

We know an exceptional product is not complete without exceptional customer service. Our friendly and helpful team will ensure all your enquiries are answered, purchases shipped in a timely manner, and problems troubleshooted with no stone left unturned.


Simplicity Is Key

Our design philosophy on materials, engineering and implementation is simple, we focus on the essential aspects and first principles of designing and engineering enabling us to create intuitive and elegant products that offer unique sounds that are in tuned with the intended artistic expressions of your music.

We believe simplicity is key and that great products oftentimes require simple solutions to achieve excellence.



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Koala Audio Cables
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