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About Us

We are an Australian aftermarket cable manufacturer of bespoke interconnect and headphone cables compatible with many high fidelity audio brands. We believe that a properly made cable can improve the listening experience when paired with the right gear.

Although we do not believe that cables offer any additional technical qualities beyond the signal it was supplied with, we do, however, believe that most cables out there are not made to audiophile standards. Therefore, we are dedicated to proving that quality cables can sometimes affect or even greatly improve the sound quality of your audio system. With our engineering background, we have applied our understanding of electrical conductor properties to minimise the unwanted characteristics of a cable to best preserve the signal quality that would have otherwise been lost from poorly made cables that typically come with most audio products.

We believe that the holistic or macro presentation of a cable is far more important than its measured technical ability. We have consistently found that technically well built cables can sound rather lifeless and boring, hence, we tweak our products by meticulously testing different components and cable geometry to achieve certain desired sound attributes and visual aesthetics. Not only do we improve the overall listening experience by doing so, we provide a wider range of options available to your system to pair with as each series has its own unique tonality and qualities. We thoroughly test our products and spend countless of hours listening to many prototypes before we are satisfied with the end result.

Furthermore, because we believe that proper cable design, engineering and implementation is more important than the use of exotic materials, we do not use them unnecessarily unless we find that it provides a significant enough of an improvement to the sound or aesthetics. We find that good cables do not require complex materials to produce great performance. To ensure reliability and consistency, we work closely with various audio retailers and established audio cable manufacturers to source the right materials and components providing excellent quality control across all our products.

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