• highimpactbolt75

    Beautiful custom cable. Clean soldering, sleeving is smooth and kink-free. My particular cable is lovely and pliable, while still having enough weight and body to feel substantial. Quality, all-round.

  • Andre

    This item even exceeded my expectations more than anticipated. It brought me sufficient listening pleasure to positively conclude it worthed the huge additional expense to upgrade my original Sennheiser cable. It is really bringing my audiophile experience to another level ever reached before. Well done Koala.

  • Anthony

    Brilliant cables! Connected to my HiFiman Sundara it was a huge improvement over another aftermarket cable. Also made with excellent connectors. Excellent service.

  • Akira

    A great quality custom cable. The seller was able to change the 3 pin mini XLR to a 4 pin mini XLR for me upon request. Great customer service!

  • Ernest

    Great quality cable. I purchased a 4-ft cable for my Hifiman HE6se V2. I like that it holds its shape but is not too stiff when you need to pack it away.

  • Neil

    Good quality cable! I love how thin and light the cable is. Despite being thin and light, the cable looks very durable. I'm using it as a balanced cable for my HiFiMan Sundara and my Meze 99 Classics. I'm very happy with my purchase. Thank you Koala Audio Cables!

  • Jimmy

    Amazing quality cables. Really has a different sound than the stock cable (subtle, but to my ears sounds better). Would highly recommend this store

  • person_23235

    My cable arrived beautifully packaged with plenty of protection and the cable itself is super high quality and very well made, I couldn't recommend this seller enough!

  • Mika

    Cables are great! Well made, fit perfectly and are nice and flexible. Nicer than the stock Audeze cables I was replacing for sure.

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