Collection: Elemental

Split a cable down to its elements. The Elemental collection provides you with the flexibility to pick, swap, and customise the type of cable you desire at any time to suit any setup. Separated into three segments, this design enables you to pair any combination of source, receiver, headphone, and cable length to suit your requirements. 

Elemental is made with excellent studio grade wires with independently isolated left and right channels allowing for minimal interference and superior signal transfer. Designed to be even more flexible with high stranding wires and a spiral twist geometry, coupled with medical and professional grade connectors ensures durability and many years of performance under heavy use.

Purchase Guide

Balanced or single ended?

Whether you prefer balanced or single ended, it is the quality of the equipment that maters the most. A good sounding single ended setup can easily surpass a balanced one. Although a balanced setup provides lower noise floor(except headphone amplifiers), the differences are negligible in most situations. We have heard bigger differences in cables than the difference between single ended and balanced in a controlled setup.

Therefore, our philosophy leans towards sticking with the configuration of your equipment which you enjoy the most. We do however encourage a balanced setup if possible as most higher end equipment are designed for balanced connections.

How much of a difference do cables make?

Well, it depends on a few factors from the quality of your equipment, source, length of cable, to what you pay attention to when listening. The differences can be as subtle as adjusting the tracking force of your turntable or as obvious as upgrading an amplifier.

Best cable length for your setup.

As a general guide, we often recommend a 3 metre cable for most living room setups. 1.5 to 2 metres for desktop setups. 1 to 1.25 metres for portable applications.

We offer custom lengths should you need a cable longer than 3 metres or require a cable of a specific length.

Balanced cable for headphones.

For headphones, we provide 3 options for a balanced headphone connection, 2.5mm, 4.4mm, and 4-Pin XLR.

If you have a portable digital audio player(DAP), we generally recommend a 4.4mm connection. 2.5mm if your device does not support 4.4mm.

If you have a balanced headphone amplifier, you can either go with 4.4mm or 4-Pin XLR depending on your preference. 4-Pin XLR is preferable if you are looking for a reliable connection and 4.4mm if you seek convenience or portability.