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3 Pin Mini XLR Custom Headphone Cable | Black | Elemental

3 Pin Mini XLR Custom Headphone Cable | Black | Elemental

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  • Sustainable Packaging
  • Ships from Perth, Western Australia
  • Custom Made To Order
  • Comprehensive Customer Support
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Designed for portability and sound quality. Our Elemental cables are the perfect accessory for your headphones on the go. Designed to be ultra lightweight and with the flexibility of a shoelace, the standalone cable measures only 12 grams per meter or the equivalent of two pieces of A4 paper, providing you with a complete hassle free portable experience with your headphones.

The Elemental collection features warm and smooth sounding signature cables with a wide and deep soundstage. Whether you are at home or traveling, the Elemental collection of cables meets and satisfies all your headphone cable requirements whilst further incorporating quality sound into your everyday audio journey.

About The Cable

  • Elemental collection (October 2023 revision)
  • Premium grade copper wires
  • Ultra lightweight & flexible build
  • Soft & durable double braided sheath
  • Koala Audio Cables copper solder
  • Teflon-polyethylene dielectric
  • 3.6mm diameter cable
  • Black colour
  • 1 year warranty*
  • Designed & assembled in Australia

Connector Details

  • 3.5mm TRS ▶ Chrome finish with gold plated contacts.
  • 6.35mm (1/4") TRS ▶ Black finish with gold plated contacts.

Compatible With

  • Beyerdynamic ▶ [ DT700 PRO X , DT900 PRO X , DT1990 PRO , DT1770 PRO , etc. ]
  • AKG ▶ [ K271 MKII , K240 MKII , K240 Studio , K712 Pro , K7XX , K240 , K702 , K721 , Q701 , etc. ]
  • Any headphones with a single 3-pin mini XLR entry.

Care Instructions

  • Avoid bending cable excessively.
  • Avoid contact with water and direct sunlight.
  • Do not pull on cable when detaching connectors.
  • Coil cable to no less than 10cm in width when storing.
  • Store in dry locations away from children and pets when not in use.

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More Details

  • All cables are custom made to order.**
  • Available in black, gold diamonds or red diamonds (Upon request).
  • Cable comes with a serial number for warranty identification.
  • Please allow 5 business days for dispatch.^

**Images are for display only and may differ from actual product. Cables will be made according to product description.
*Terms & conditions apply.
^Lead time may vary.



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