Shipping, Warranty, Taxes


    ▶ *Shipping is complimentary on orders with subtotal of $0.01 and above.

      ▶ Complimentary shipping comes with door to door tracking.

        ▶ All packages are shipped with Australia Post. Your order can be tracked on Australia Post's website or your country's local postal service website for international shipments.

          ▶ We accept parcel collect addresses(Australia only). We also accept domestic and international PO box addresses. Please ensure your shipping address is correct before placing your order. We will no longer be responsible for the item once it is delivered.

            ▶ Estimated delivery times within Australia is 1-6 business days.

              ▶ Estimated International Standard(complimentary) delivery times are 6-25 business days. International Express delivery times are 3-18 business days.

              ▶ We are not responsible for any item(s) lost in transit but we may in good faith replace or refund your order.



              ▶ Our warranty covers the functionality of cable connectors and wires throughout the warranty period of the item. The warranty period of each item is displayed in the product page description.

              ▶ We keep warranty records of every purchase made but you can screenshot the product page at the time of purchase for your own reference as this may change over time. 

                ▶ Warranty does not cover cosmetic wear and tear or cable re-terminations after 30 days upon being delivered unless otherwise agreed.

                  ▶ Cables that have been tampered with or re-terminated by a third-party will not be covered under the warranty.

                    ▶ Warranty begins on the date of purchase. All warranties have a 30 day grace period after the warranty expires to claim any recent failures that is out of warranty.

                      ▶ The warranty does not cover cost of return shipping 30 days after delivery. Contact us as soon as possible if you have an issue with your item.

                        ▶ Our warranty policy only applies to headphone cables, adapters and interconnects.

                          ▶ Damage from improper use or care will not be covered under the warranty. We don't recommend you let your cats chew on your cables.

                            ▶ Warranties are transferable except for items listed under the "Gratis" page. A serial number or original date of purchase of the item will be required for any warranty claims. A reasonable repair fee will apply for any out of warranty repairs.


                              Taxes & Customs

                                  Customs duties, fees, sales tax, GST, and VAT are not included in the price for international orders.

                                    ▶ For EU or UK customers, if you would like your VAT pre-paid you can place your order on our Etsy or eBay store where it will automatically be applied at checkout. Please contact us if the item you require isn't available on Etsy or eBay.

                                    ▶ Customs processing delays may occasionally occur during the shipping process. Contact us if you have any issues with customs.